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Suliman Alqhtani


Current Role:

I decided to start my own staffing and events business, where I

learned what it truly means to be an entrepreneur. My first year was one big

roller coaster ride filled with many lessons. The failures and successes of that

experience led to Connect6 Group, which has been one of the best

experiences of my life.


I truly believe that as long as you love what you do and believe in yourself you

will succeed in anything you put your mind to.


Strengths can be developed and strengthened as long as you put in the work

and believe in yourself. Personally, I believe that my power of determination is

one of my biggest strengths. I do everything and anything I say I'm going to

do. Even if I don’t know how, my will to succeed always leads me to find

creative ways to complete tasks and overcome hurdles. I also believe that one

of my core strengths is my ability to connect and bring out core strengths and

values in those around me, empowering others and allowing them to see their

full potential is very rewarding.

Career Progression:

My career path has been an interesting journey since the very beginning. I

started my career as an art teacher, which led to a job offer from a local

magazine to sell ads, I took my chances and gave it a shot. I had a lot of

success very quickly, which impressed upper management and I got promoted

to a marketing manager within my first 3 months.


During my role there, I decided to take my MBA at Laurentian University to

enhance my knowledge in business. I worked and completed my MBA at the

same time.


Upon graduating, I started hunting for new positions right away. I applied to

dozens of management positions but had no luck. I was approached by a

marketing company, the position was a beginners sales role, I was really

hesitant as I thought I was overqualified but since the company was fairly new

I was certain I could impress management and get promoted quickly on.

Which is exactly what happened, I moved my way up to account manager

early on. 

What do you love about your job?

What do I not love about my job? Working with my business partner and

the executive team makes my job fun and purposeful. My main role as a president is to empower my partner and staff and provide them with tools and resources to bring out their best potential. Allowing them to do so with every individual they manage within our company and in their future. Being a president of multiple companies you are responsible for each person within your organization, it's very important that I lead by example and am available to

those who need me. Connecting with my staff and providing tools to help them maintain a healthy work-life balance is something I take pride in.

What do you love to do in your free time?

I love spending time with my family and friends. Having two young, very active

children our weekends are filled with tons of fun activities and adventures. We

love discovering new cultures, exploring new cuisines and hunting new travel

destinations. When we aren’t on the go, I enjoy watching soccer games since

I am a big Barcelona fan.

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