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Dilip    Hassija

Director of

Current Role:

At Connect 6 Group, I oversee the operations for a major telecommunications client which includes the day to day such as training, scheduling, coaching and overall management of the programs. The area that I believe is most important is innovation as I am constantly looking for ways to improve the program and improve the quality of our sales interactions. 


My key strength is my passion towards everything I undertake in my life. Integrity, goal oriented and positive energy drives me to achieve newer and bigger goals each day. Leading by example has been my biggest strength, this is the most effective way of developing newer talent, teams - Show them how it's done. Motivating, directing, and developing each and every team member is what keeps me going.

Career Progression:

So my journey into Direct B2C Sales experience began when I had a short contract with one of Canada’s largest financial institutions, it turned out to be that I was one of their best performers not just across the province, but the country. This is when I confirmed my interest in Sales & Marketing. Ever since this experience, I quickly grew up the ladder from a Sales Representative, to a Supervisor, to an Assistant Manager and then to an Account Manager. In the past, I have managed sales for multiple clients including major financial institutions, Canadian-wide retail and major telecommunications.

What do you love about your job?

Working at Connect6 Group has been nothing less than a progressive, innovative and an inclusive place to work at. I have felt my voice respected and ideas implemented. Everyone in the company from the President to Human Resources are very humble and down to earth. It's a beautiful place to learn and grow yourself.

What do you love to do in your free time?

Just as many other people, I am passionate about a few things. I am amazed by heights, urban cities, technology and new skills. One could say I am a foodie, I’d say I am a very picky foodie. When things were normal, I did jump out of an airplane - No, I am not crazy! It was a fun Skydiving session by Wasaga Beach.


In the past, I have travelled to countries like Germany, Switzerland, France and a few Scandivanian countries for business development purposes. I have been successful in building new clients from across the world. I started off selling by myself and along the way I realized that I should be sharing this knowledge with other people. This is when I got into training & management. Starting working from the bottom as a Sales Representative, with a lot of hard work and dedication I have made my way up to building and managing many teams. I enjoy developing sales professionals, I’d say I have trained & coached hundreds if not thousands of representatives and Managers. At the same time, I always believe in learning no matter what stage of life one is in. The world has so much to offer.

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